Kreativ färg - Kreativ form

An intense & lovely weekend...

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...full of energy, creativity and with a wonderful atmosphere in my studio LenasArt.
This was my first painting workshop with international participants from India, China, Finland and Sweden and it was really a privilege for me to spend two days painting together with all my new enthusiastic friends!
Saturday 24 October
After a short introduction and  some exercises with colour blends all participants began to create the backgrounds to their individual paintings. Many ideas popped up for discussions and after a while everyone have decided the design of their own paintings and started to transfer the ideas to the canvas. 
"all participants concentrated and focused on the creative colours and creative forms"
The time flew and suddenly it was the end of day 1.
 "All table full of colourful paintings waiting for the Sunday.... to come"
Sunday 25 October
Full activity, fruitful discussions, socializing, breaks for lunch and coffeee, joy and laughter, problem solving, tips and tricks for highlights and shadows, painting and more painting and late on Sunday afternoon everyone have finished the paintings and it was time for a short summary of the workshop and finally a group-photo. 
 Julie, Amruta, Cathy, Linda, Mari, Anu, Jeya and Jane with their beautiful paintings!
Thank you all for joining my workshop, and I really hope to see you soon again. You are always welcome to contact me for a visit or at my exhibitions in the future or just for a cup of coffee!
Monday 26 October
Full of energy, inspiration and new ideas it's now time for me to "attack" my new paintings during this week!
Wish you and all my followers a nice week!  I will soon be back!